A Blog on Nutrition !

articles on nutritionAn improper nutrition may led to extremes – from a malnourished family to an overweight individual .What is even more baffling is that the packaged food which claim to be a saviour for working professionals nowadays are so unappetising to be precise !! In such a situation, it is becoming exceedingly important to have a picture clear idea about the healthy eating standards and comply with it regularly! In this blog on nutrition, we shall discuss about the basic ingredients and food which provide a high level of nutrition and is a health booster.


The main role of fibre is to attenuate inflammatory problems by keeping the immune system under a thorough check!! Once consumed, they are responsible for the production of fatty acids which are released into our bloodstream and act as food for our intestinal flora. In this process, they are broken down too! Legumes and nuts are some examples which are high sources of fibre. Though not good when taken in excess, fibre is extremely beneficial when consumed in small doses!


Echi seeds are not only rich sources of potassium and magnesium but also find their application as an exfoliant in brightening the skin and make it glow as never before! These tiny seeds are superstars quite literally in the respect that they can be used to serve such a diverse range of purposes. For example, they maybe used as delicious snacks to begin with and also as toppings having different flavours!!


The entire theory about meat being unhealthy for consumption is completely false! In fact, the basic truth is that meat is one of the highest sources of protein – proteins which aid our body’s metabolic and digestive process once they are broken down by powerful and effective enzymes in our intestine. Following these reactions, they get converted to body acids. Indulging in non vegetarian food is not that bad too, provided a degree of optimization is maintained no matter what!!

A healthy and recommended diet plan comprising of just the correct combination of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins is a pre requisite as well. Apart from these, precautions regarding the consumption of junk food is preferable too as it completely disrupts the normal functioning of our body!! The sugar intakes must be controlled too, especially in case of diabetic patients! Summing up, following the above mentioned shall definitely ensure a perfect flow of nutrients into your system and is reason enough for you to enjoy a satisfied lifestyle.