A Super Healthy Food Guide to Pregnancy Diet

healthy food guidePregnancy often leads to loss of appetite for some women, if not most. However, in this crucial stage, making smart and healthy food choices are the cornerstone of nutrition. Exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat – are some of the concerns to be addressed.

The Best Healthy Diet

Eating healthy, as you know, is the best thing for a woman and her baby. But due to morning sickness and nausea, some women completely refrain from foods that could boost their nutrition level during pregnancy. Smart choices have to be made to promote the growth of the baby and stay fit!

Even if you feel irksome at the sight of some foods that you otherwise loved, you should develop an appetite for it. It’s possible!

Whole Grains – The Complete Food

Grains provide vital carbohydrates – the primary source of energy. Most of these foods contain iron, fiber, vitamin D and other minerals. Fortified cereals and bread can also give you adequate folic acid. Besides supplements, these foods are a must.

Vegetables and Fruits

Now, this is the key area to concentrate on. Vegetables and fruits are the key components for nutrition in pregnancy. They provide various minerals and vitamins along with fiber for improved digestion. Fruits contain vitamin C, which absorbs iron. Dark green colored veggies contain folate, iron and vitamin D, which are all important nutrients for pregnancy.


If you love any of these foods, you can have them in pregnancy. Foods belonging to this group are loaded with proteins, iron and vitamin D. Proteins are very important for the growth of your baby, especially in the second trimester and thereafter. However, most women complain that they don’t like the smell of fish, which is something you cannot ignore. Instead of fish, you can try meats or nuts or peanut butter as some of the variations.


Calcium is essential in pregnancy, both for the mother and her baby. It is essential for healthy development of teeth and bones. So, as a responsible momma to be you should have dairy products daily. You can drink skim milk or have a cereal bowl full of nuts and milk. 3 cups of milk a day in pregnancy is ideal for the growth of your baby.

Along with all these foods, you should drink plenty of water to ensure that your body is never dehydrated. In addition, you can have sweets and fats in moderation. Continue your supplements for the prescribed period of time for healthy delivery.