McDonald to Stop Serving Overweight Customers from January 1, 2015. Really?

There has been news for quite sometime that McDonald’s would stop serving the overweight customers starting from January 1, 2015. Here’s the reality!

Where did this news pop out from and how true is it – you’ll find it all here! Let’s start!



There have been a few websites claiming that McDonald’s, the world’s leading family restaurant chain, would stop serving the customers that are overweight, beginning January 1, 2015!

Origins of Claim

In the starting of December 2014, a website called Daily Buzz Live published an article regarding this so-called news – claiming that the fast-food chain – McDonald’s – would not sell food items to ‘overweight’ customers’ beginning January 1, 2015.

What Statistics Say

Number of obese people in America have nearly doubled over the last two decades, per status. And, obesity has become one of the leading public health issues in the United States. Per the claim, McDonald’s has raised and brought forward a hand to solve the problem of obesity. Noticeable fact is that more than two-third adult population of America is either in the category of overweight or over it, i.e., obese.

Claims and Reports

According to the reports and claims made in this matter, starting from 1st January 2015, McDonald’s will not serve customers weighing more than 245 pounds for men and 170 pounds for women. Weight restrictions for children will vary according to their age and height. McDonald’s is currently trying to shed its “junk food” image and moving on to become an entity that serves good food fast.

Here’s the Reality

While McDonald’s says it has taken steps to make its menu a little healthier, the food giant has not announced anything related to the aforementioned claim. The very obvious problems include impossibilities of weighing the customers that drive-thru and the potential lawsuits for discriminating people who are obese. Of course, the restaurant would lose millions of dollars by leaving out the “foodie” customers! Therefore, the claim can be debunked straightaway. Source: Snopes.