Teenage Drug Addiction – Know the Warning Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

Teenage drug addiction has been a serious cause of concern for parents and society. Many teens simply want to try drugs for fun and out of curiosity. However, they don’t know the negative effects of substance abuse, which often becomes a habit. Consequences can be detrimental at the same time. Regardless of how often or how much you consume, drugs will always cause problems in your life, affecting every sphere of life.

healthy fitness tipsHow do Teenagers Develop Drug Addiction?

People experimenting with drugs tend to continue using the same substance over and over again to get a good feeling. In some cases, the fine line is often lost due to regular use and it causes addiction. Addicts seldom recognize the fact that they have crossed the threshold.

Children are drawn to drugs for fun. However, sometimes there may be more serious reasons too, such as peer pressure, a void in life, lack of company etc. Counseling, in such cases, often helps teens to come out of such addiction – though it could be a lengthy course of treatment.

Drugs are often believed to have tranquilizing effects, which reduces panic attacks, stress and tension. It becomes a social and psychological need without any recognition. As such, teenagers are easily drawn to these.

Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Even though different drugs are likely to have different physical symptoms, these symptoms are usually similar. For instance,

  • Drug addicts neglect their responsibilities at school, college, work and home
  • Skipping school; getting into trouble; declining grades
  • Acting isolated, angry, depressed or withdrawn
  • Dropping old group of buddies for a new group
  • Being extremely secretive about new group
  • Lacking interest in hobbies and activities
  • Demanding privacy; avoiding eye contact; locking doors

Physical warning like bloodshot eyes, larger pupils, appetite changes, sudden weight loss, physical appearance changes, unusual smells, tremors, impaired coordination or slurred speech should be noted.

Treatment and Scope

As such, there are no medicines to help your teenager get out of drug addiction. However, a comprehensive therapeutic approach can be taken to make sure the child can overcome his/her condition.