What is the Healthy Balanced Diet Plan for Diabetes?

healthy balanced diet planIf you have been tested for higher levels of blood sugar, it’s obvious that you are worried! However, for a change, diabetes is not the end of life.

While this lifestyle condition is definitely rising, yet in most cases, diabetes is preventable with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Taking proper measures to prevent the condition, and control, does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of everything.

Taking Charge of Diabetes

There’s good news for diabetics – you can now make certain differences to your lifestyle with positive changes. The first thing you need to do is lose weight. While it may not happen in one day, take a month of two and stay motivated. Experts say that losing about 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can reduce blood sugar levels considerably. And, to lose weight, you have to follow a healthy diet and exercise moderately. As a result, you will feel energized, you will be in good mood, and an overall feeling of wellbeing will prevail.

Diet Tips for Diabetics

There’s no end to diet tips to diabetes. Even your grandma can give you some handy tips to be incorporated into your daily routine. However, what you need is a perfectly chalked out balanced diet plan that can be followed without any restrictions or inhibitions.

Wondering if that’s possible!! Yes, it is!

  • Carbohydrates do impact the level of blood sugar more than proteins and fats – but, that doesn’t mean you abstain from carbs. You just have to make smart choices. Limit refined carbs like white bread, rice and paste, and focus on high-fiber complex carbs – slow release carbs, that take time to get digested. They provide energy and keep you fuller for long.
  • Eliminating sugar completely is not a good idea; rather, you should cut down on foods that contain hidden sugar. Hidden sugars can be potentially detrimental for health. It is better to have a serving of dessert instead of sugars preset in fast foods, packaged foods, breads, sweet drinks, cereals, instant foods etc.
  • Wise choice of fats is mandatory for diabetes. As there is a higher risk of developing heart and kidney diseases with diabetes, avoiding unhealthy fats is a sound idea. Unhealthy fats are trans and saturated fats found in animal proteins, whole milk products, hydrogenated oils etc. Healthy fats are present in unsaturated sources of fats, such as fish sources, omega 3 fatty acids and nut oils.

Finally, diabetics should eat at regular intervals and maintain a food journal. Eating at preset times regularly and exercising moderately are the key factors for improved health.